Agricultural Seeder

Whatever be your quantity requirement regarding Agricultural Seeder, we are the key manufacturers, exporters and suppliers to trust. For several years, we have been delivering a supreme range of Agricultural Seeder at economical rates in the market. We offer a wide range of non-hazardous Agricultural Seeders that meets the client’s requirements and are known for its optimum performance. We are located in New Delhi, India.


Features of Agricultural Seeder :

  • Possibility of sowing wheat crop just after rice harvesting i.e. option for long duration wheat and rice varieties.
  • Possibility of sowing wheat in the residual moisture i.e. saving of one irrigation.
  • Timely sowing wheat even after long duration basmati rice varieties.
  • Crop residue as much helps in moisture and temperature conservation.
  • Improved soil health.
  • Environment friendly technology to check air pollution.


Weight 100- 200kg
Use Seedling,sow
Power 12HP tractor
Material Metal
Color Green
Warranty 1 Year